ct Certificate Service

The CT Certification Service actually appears to be a fictitious name used by a company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Strategies of this type can make it virtually impossible for entrepreneurs to learn the true experience of a company they often do business with.


If your company has paid for the CT certificate service in response to a 2019 OF Certificate STATEMENT, please file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (Anwaltsgeneral@ct .gov) and attach a business copy of the shipment.

ct certificate service

What is a certificate of existence Request Form CT?

Certificate of Legal Existence (alsoknown as a Certificate of Good Standing in some states) certifies that your business is registered in the state of Connecticut and meets many of your filing requirements.

What Is A Certificate Of Legal Existence Of The State Of Connecticut?

A Certificate of Legal Existence certifies that your legal entity is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of Connecticut. The document shows that your company meets the requirements of good reputation and is authorized to carry out assignments in the state. It also shows you how often you update all required documents, such as financial statements, taxes, and returns.

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What Is The New Connecticut State Certification?

Corporations must registerCheck with the appropriate Connecticut minister before doing business in Connecticut. For example, companies that are unfortunately registered in another state will request a Connecticut certificate associated with the agency. As a result, the registries affect the company as a foreign company and eliminate the need to create a new type of company.

ct certificate service

Who Must Apply?

All trade name certificates are filed locally in Connecticut. There is no regional registration. Only service providers located in the City of Fairfield may register a business name with the City of Fairfield Clerk. Trademark registration Does not protect the name from being used by another person/company. Failure to provide a new company name certificate will result in a $500 fine.


PLEASE NOTE: A Connecticut certificate in good condition is called a Certificate of Legal Existence. This sometimes creates confusion when allThe other party, usually the secretary of state of a state other than Connecticut, requests a genuine “certificate of good character.” In these parts, the Connecticut Certificate of Legal Existence may meet the requirements of the Connecticut Certificate of Good Faith.

How To Order A Certified Copy Of The Articles Of Association Or A Certified Copy Of The Articles Of Association Of The State Of Connecticut

A certified copy of your Articles of Association or Articles of Incorporation will likely be faxed, mailed, e-mailed and personally ordered, but we recommend fax transmission. Normal processing takes up to 5 business days per month, plus additional shipping time and $55 certification offer. Express service is available for an additional $105 and should cost less than 24 hours cash plus additional delivery time.

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Is a certificate of existence required in CT?

Attorney General William Tong and Secretary of State Denise Merrill said in a statement Tuesday that a letter from a company calling itself CT Certificate Service said Connecticut organizations would have to pay a $112.50 fee to obtain copies of Connecticut’s certificate of existence. A certificate of existence is certainly not a required document in Connecticut, officials say, and businesses that need one can request one online from the Secretary of State by visiting www.concord-sots.ct.gov for a fee.

How do I get a copy of my CT certificate of organization?

If you are registering an LLC in Connecticut by mail, under no circumstances must the Secretary of State send you a copy of the organization’s approved certificate.