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About The Office

The Tennessee Secretary of State oversees most government departments. The host state is one of the three constitutional agents elected by the General Assembly at its session. The Secretary of State is elected for a four-year term. The constitution states that the secretary is required to keep an official record of the governor’s attendances and meetings and, if necessary, “to present to the General Assembly all papers, documents and evidence relating thereto.” /p>

Tax Information For LLC/Partnership

All local and foreign limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and partnerships incorporated or registered in Delaware?Yes, they are required to pay an annual tax of $300. It is not necessary to file this annual return.

Registered Agent Information

Registered Agent: A natural or sometimes legal person authorized to receive legal services for the public. It may be another business unit or a registered business unit. A registered legal entity means that it was the legal entity filing with the division of Oregon Corporation.

Do I need to renew my LLC Every year in Illinois?

Note. Illinois LLC accounts have been reduced. If you see higher government fees on anotherwebsite, this important information is no longer relevant. For more information on Incredible Fees, please visit: Illinois LLC Filing Decrease in Income.

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How do I renew my LLC in Louisiana?

If you want to register and manage an ideal Louisiana Limited Liability Company (LLC), you need to prepare and file various documents as well as the state. This article covers nearly all of the important state filing and tax requirements for a Louisiana LLC.

Do I need to renew my LLC Every year in Wisconsin?

If you want to register and operate a Wisconsin Limited Liability Institution (LLC), you must prepare and file various documents with the state. This document discusses the basic continuing reporting and therefore the state filing requirements for Wisconsin limited liability companies.

How often do you have to renew your LLC in Mississippi?

Operating Agreement Check the “Operating Agreement” box below to indicate that your Mississippi LLC has an operating agreement. If you haven’t completed your operating agreement yet, you can download our template from this lesson: Mississippi LLC Operating Agreement.