arizona Foreign Corporation Registration

What Models Do I Need To Submit To Arizona In Order To Have My Company Valued Out Of State?

The Arizona Business Rights Board must attach the appropriate cover page. A trade name certificate or decision to adopt a fictitious name must be attached, if applicable. Attach a signed certificate of disclosure within twenty-five days of filing with the Commission and, if necessary, attach the required information. A certified copy of the Articles of Association, any amendments and evidence of good standing is requiredor existence.

arizona foreign corporation registration

Filing Procedure

The registration of a foreign company in Arizona can take six to seven weeks, edited by the Arizona Corporation Commission itself. There should be an expedited option that reduces the free waiting time to nine business days. There is an additional charge for using the fast track option. In addition to this waiting time, it also takes time to obtain a certificate of good conduct from the initial level of the applicant. A foreign company must appoint an authorized representative in Arizona as part of the detailed filing process, and this representative must generally be maintained to maintain the good reputation of the company.

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arizona foreign corporation registration

How do I register a foreign corporation in Arizona?

Arizona Corporation Commissionseparation1300 Washington Street WestPhoenix, Arizona 85007-2929Phone: (602) 542-3026

Are You Ready To Register Your Company? In Arizona To Claim Another Country?

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A Foreign Corporation InArizona

If you are not an Arizona corporation and want to do business in Arizona, you need a certificate of authority to do business in Arizona. This is achieved by registering as a foreign corporation with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State of Arizona. After you submit the form, the State of Arizona will return the completed Power of Attorney to you. A foreign company in Arizona should not be confused with a company based out of the country. Any corporation that is not merely incorporated (incorporated) in Arizona is recognized as a foreign corporation.

What Is The Arizona Government Report?

Corporations must register with the Arizona Corporation Commission before doing business in Arizona. Businesses re-registered in another state usually require a certificate of authority for Arizona. This will register the correct foreign corporation as a corporation and eliminate the need to create a new corporation.

Choose A Name For Your Startup

In addition to choosing your startup structure, you may also need toYou must choose a name. When choosing a name for an LLC, Syndicate or Limited Partnership, you must distinguish it from all other company names that are registered in the State in any way. You can find available names by visiting the Arizona search database.

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Step 1. Appoint A Known Representative

In the state of Arizona, a consortium of companies or LLCs must appoint a “legal representative” authorized to deal with the state. It is a binding act by which an agent within the meaning of A c.R.S. §§ 29-604, 29-606 will accept legal assistance (processing of records or documents) on behalf of the LLC. I would like to take this opportunity to perhaps share with you that we are among the top registered agents in the state and are responsible for registering 11,494 businesses.


How Do I Know? Do I Have To Complete An Application For A License In Arizona?

If you plan to do business in this particular state of Arizona and are registered elsewhere, you will generally need to qualify as an alien in Arizona. As a general rule, “doing business” refers toIt refers to activities such as maintaining an office or hiring staff in that particular state.

Foreign And Local Corporations

A foreign corporation is an actual corporation registered in another state, actually operating in Arizona. Foreign corporations must be registered in Arizona and obtain a new certificate of authority to conduct business near Arizona.

What Are The Requirements For The Name Of A Corporation In Arizona?

der The name must consist of the word “Association”, “Company”, “Company”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” or their abbreviation. There should be little language stating or implying that our own company was created for illegal purposes. The name must be different from the specific name of domestic, foreign non-profit corporations or corporations holding a business license; reserved and registered company name; pseudonym of a foreign company; represented by a foreign limited company or possibly even a public limited company; ?The name of the limited partnership, registered limited partnership, or registered foreign limited company. When using the words “bank”, “bank”, and “bankcorp”, the entity must be a bank, but approval of the name by the Banking Authority is also required.

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How much does it cost to register a foreign LLC in Arizona?

it succeeds. To have your own registered solution in Arizona, you will need a physical residence in the state where you donate year-round to accept technology services, and since you are registering as a foreign LLC, you will likely need to do so. I have no. Most LLCs employ registered agents when doing business in other states.