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20800.2. Insufficient Lesson Plan Or Submission.

Within thirty (30) business days of promotion of information contained in a computer program approved by the Secretary of State and final amendment submitted to the Secretary of State. The State Approved Provider must submit a Notarized Public Education Provider Application or Amendment impersonating NP40 (03/05) stating the changes. An authorized dealer must acknowledge receipt with the Secretary of State.

california secretary of state notary

Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator

Now, if you are having difficulty accessing content in this world, worldwide -Web of- for disabilities, contact this ADA Coordinator or email us at 2500 11th Street, Suite 475, Sacramento, CA 95814, ATTN: Michael Green, ADA Coordinator.


Why Choose Most NNAs In As Your StudiesCalifornia Institution All Six NNAs Offer Hours Of Training For New Notaries Approved By You, The California Secretary Of State. For Your Speed, Live Training Courses Are Held In All Countries Of The Country Under The Guidance Of Instructors Who Are Also Real Notaries. The CA Notary Exam Can Be Taken Immediately Upon Completion Of The Training. The Course Website Also Meets All Government Requirements. Chances Are You’ll Complete The Requirements Of Live Your Fingerprint Scan At One Of Our Live Webinars.

Do I Need To Take An Exam With A Notary Public In California?

Yes, everything is new and updated Support candidates to take a supervised written examination administered by a private company, Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS). You must score 70% more points to pass. The notary exam schedule, registration details, and other exam information are readily available on the CPS website. You can also contact them at (916) 263-3520 for more information about exam locations and registration.

Does California allow online notary?

Yes. Although public counter services in Sacramento are currently suspended, our office remains open and continues to perform business-critical functions. We will continue to fight to ensure that employees stay in the office for all authorized hours while other employees work remotely to support essential operations. Customers with questions are encouraged to use the many resources available on our website, including our bizfile online portal at; Ask Eureka, an award-winning online chatbot who also speakst in Spanish, or forward your requests when possible. Phone wait times are longer than usual as we work in an office with full-time staff to protect the health and safety of our customers and just our employees.

Notary Public? California State Office1967-11-10

This public commission was Real published by California Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan in November 1967, after it was very quickly considered that the responsibility for appointing public notaries had been transferred from the governor to positions of secretary of state.

How do I get a copy of my notary certificate in California?

In addition to performing the actual duties described in the Notary Checklist and subject to passing the Curriculum Vitae Exam, an appointment as a Notary Public may be obtained by passing an exam certifying your knowledge of the laws and notary services system. The exams are widely used by CPS HR Consulting and registration must be completed online at or by calling CPS HR Consulting at (916) 263-3520.

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