how Do I Check The Status Of My Llc In Michigan

To provide information, contact the Department of Licensing and Regulation, Corporations, Securities, and the Commercial Licensing Bureau at 517-241-6470 or visit their website at

How do I know if my LLC is active in Michigan?

Firstyou need to make sure your company name is available with a good Michigan company name search. To do this, you need to look at the name of the company and also understand or know how to search Michigan company URLs. To find out how to do all this, read on. This guide contains all the up-to-date information you need to register your business in Michigan.

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Welcome To The Corporate Division

The Corporate Division promotes economic development and growth by helping create business divisions in Michigan. The department provides services that assist corporations, limited partnerships, limited companies and websites, limited companies in registration, in addition to providing foreign companies with official power of attorney to conduct their business.

Search By Name

To officially register an LLC, you will need its name, unique to your business and not accidentally used by another businessm in your state. Search Michigan for the name you want to use for your business, but leave it for “llc” for now. Although LLC is officially your name, it’s easier to find company names that are too similar without LLC. You should also try searching by name with and without punctuation and apostrophes to suit your coverage requirements.

How Do I Register A Specific Business In Michigan?

Here are six options. what you need to do to open your business in Michigan. receive PENALTY. Register your proposed company name with the county clerk. Get a UIA number. Get a tax license to sell. Register your business with the Michigan Department of the Treasury. Get all necessary permissions. Come to think of it, is it possible to use a text box purchase order and an LLC in Michigan? However, under section 450.4207, the registered agent of your LLC must now have a physical address in Michigan. The address of a registered agent in Michigan is not necessarily a PO box address. SuLitigation services for LLCs include handling legal documents such as complaints, subpoenas, and additional subpoenas.

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Can My Company Name Be Different From My Michigan LLC Name?

Some companies prefer to do so is to use a name different from their legal name. It may also be referred to as an identity or a fictitious “doing business on behalf” (DBA) name in Michigan. ah, think of good business etiquette, one way to generate ideas is to help you search the list of search results to see if any expired names merge with the business.

how do i check the status of my llc in michigan

Creating An LLC In Michigan Is Just An LLC In Michigan. To Register As An LLC In Michigan, You Must Draw Up And File A Memorandum Of Association With The Michigan Division Of Corporations, Which Costs $50. You Can Apply Online, In Person Or By Mail. The Articles Of Association Is The Legal Document That Formally Establishes Your Esteemed Michigan LLC (Limited Liability Company).

How Do I Check The Status Of My Baby?Limited Liability Companies In Michigan?

Contacting your local Secretary of State (SOS) office by phone or email is the free and most reliable way to check your company’s availability. Individuals can search Michigan Corporations online for free at the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation (LARA) website (click below to view).

Michigan Corporation Annual Report Requirements: < /p>

H2> More Explanations Can Be Found In Our Submit Michigan Annual Clearinghouse Page.

Submit Articles

Your company is legally incorporated by filing a commercial status application (500) with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation. Items should include: company name; A task; the specific number of shares that the company has always had the right to issue (if there is more than one class or series of excavations, state the rights, preferences, and rules relating to? to shares of each class); usually the name and address of the representative of the process supplier; the number of shares that the parent company has the right to issue (if there is usually more than one class or choice of shares, please indicate the rights, privileges and restrictions related to shares of each class); the name and civil address of the permanent representative of the service associated with the process; and the name and address of each member.

Name Your LLC In Michigan

The first step is often to name your LLC in Michigan. In addition, you should choose something that matches your popular brand image, you should also make sure that the name you want is available. This means that the name is unlikely to be used by another company, and that it follows Michigan naming conventions.

how do i check the status of my llc in michigan

How long does LLC approval Take Michigan?

LLC needs a name, but not just a new name will do. Michigan Consolidated Statute Section 450.4204 states that the name of your LLC:

Do you have to renew your LLC Every year in Michigan?

The State of Michigan requires you to file financial statements for your LLC. The declaration must be submitted every year, as well as on February 15th. (The only exception is new LLCs formed after September 30th and relating to the previous year, which do not need to file on February 12th immediately after the date of formation.)

How much is it to expedite a LLC in Michigan?

To apply to register a specific Michigan Foreign LLC, you must complete the Michigan State Power of Attorney Certification Application Form and pay the final registration fee of $50. The state may have many other requirements, so contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation for more information.