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The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Division of the Office of the Secretary of State serves as the government records office for the preparation of security funding reports under Revised Chapter 355 of the Kentucky Charter, Revised Section 9.

Application And Other Distributions Of The UCC Deposit

The original funding account may reflect an allotment with the powers of the secured party to approve certain changes in funding status, recommending the name and postal address of the person as assignee, the name and address of the secured party.

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kentucky Secretary Of State Ucc Search

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UCC1 – Funding Statement – Kentucky. For use after July 1, 2001. This form is a financing statement used to complete certain guarantees as specified on the form. Funding for this application complies with all applicable state laws.

All New UCC Documents Must Be Filed With The Secretary Of State Of Kentucky, Except For Liens, Installation Requests, Timber (coming Soon). Section), As Well As Minerals (to Be Mined). Any Questions Regarding Other New UCC Documents Should Be Recorded In The State Department’s Box At (502) 573-0265 Or At Request For Lighting ProductsLogs Or Timber To Be Felled Or Minerals To Be Mined Must Be Filed With The Land Registry And Must Include An Appropriate Description Of The Property.The UCC Documentation Must Show The Debtor’s Name And/or Address, And The Debtor Must Be Identified As An Individual Or Mock. The UCC Registration Must Also Show That The Name And Address Of That Creditor Is Part Of The (secured Party).UCC Filing Fees

UCC Filing Fees

How do I find my UCC?

It is grouped under your computer’s UCC. Your financial statements show that you earn $980 UCC in class 10 -?? $700 for computer plus $280 for software. All other investment costs for ?That training course is also added to this amount.

Does Kentucky follow the UCC?

Morgan Pottinger McGarvey’s Uniform Commercial Code lawyers understand the importance of the UCC to our business and banking clients. MPM manages the UCC Library, which is arguably the most complete in Kentucky.

How much is it to file a UCC in KY?

“What functions of the archivist does the UCC department?” In carrying out its ministerial functions, which are affected by the revised Article 9, the Documentation Service uploads UCC records. The office may refrain from recording for the reasons specified in the articles and by-laws. In processing the UCC entry, the receiving Office did not determine its legality, adequacy, or perhaps even accuracy.