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Tre Hargett is an American Republican politician who has served as Tennessee Secretary of State since 2009. Wikipedia

Secretary Tre Hargett

Tre Hargett was elected the 37th Secretary of State of Tennessee by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2009 and was re-elected in 2013 and 2017. until 2021 Department of Foreign Affairs with over 200 staff oversight. He also sits on 16 boards and commissions, two of which he may chair. The services and directions of the Office of the Secretary of State reach the governments of all departments.

Selection Process

Under the Tennessee Constitution, adopted in 1870, the Secretary of State is again elected by a joint conference on Wednesday.com for four years after the general meeting. “General Assembly” means that the 99 nominated congressmen and 33 state senators sit in the same body and vote individually. Thus, a majority of 132 ballots is required for elections (67). Since the position is elected on a completely new partisan basis, this means that whoever has an absolute majority of members in both houses will elect the staff-appointed secretary of state. After Tennessee Reconstruction, this always resulted in the state’s administration being Democratic until the year the Republicans won the majority of the seats associated with the General Assembly. The election of the Secretary of State occurs in the reverse cycle of the Tennessee gubernatorial election; In other words, the terms of office of these Tennessee Secretaries of State roughly coincide with those of the President of the United States, which typically begins and ends a few days early.

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tennessee secretary of state

Current Holder

Tre holder — Hargett (right). He was first re-elected by the General AssemblyTennessee in 2009 and re-elected in 2013 and therefore in 2017. Hargett succeeded Riley Darnell (D) as administrator.

tennessee secretary of state

Does a Tennessee corporation have to have a Secretary?

(a) The company must have officers described in its articles of association or appointed by its board of directors, most commonly associated with the directors in accordance with the articles of association; if that each body has a director and a secretary. Unless otherwise provided by the charter or charter, officers are determined or appointed by the Board of Directors.