massachusetts Secretary Of State Candidates 2022

Official The Secretary of the Commonwealth oversees the Division of Corporations, the Division of Elections, the Massachusetts Archives, the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Division of Public Records such as the Division of Securities, and the State Archives Center.

Trifecta Control

In August 2022, Massachusetts had a divided government, with Democrats manipulating governors and Republicans controlling every house of the state legislature. The office below indicates the historical trifecta status for the state.

Attorney General

On Tuesday, the Democratic race for Massachusetts Attorney General for your support was reduced to two candidates. Former Assistant Attorney General Quentin Palfrey officially suspended the campaign and supported former Boston County Sheriff Andrea Campbell, who will oppose the workers. Fellow Attorney and Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan. If elected in November, Campbell could become the first black woman to hold office in Massachusetts.

A Competitive Race In Which The Ideal RepublicsA Dance Joining Trump’s Wing Is All That Security Faces With A Democrat

. Category 6 events in which the Republican Party of one size or another leads a secretary of state who has backed himself up with repeated dubious campaign statements. There are some differences in the intensity of these candidates. beliefs without the right to vote; The Arizona and Nevada candidates are probably the most prominent examples of political opponents running as the Republican candidate working with a Michigan candidate who will probably join them officially as secretary someday

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Stands For Massachusetts Outside The Commonwealth

The Secretary of the Commonwealth responsible for dealing with Massachusetts (equivalent to the Secretary of State) is the Massachusetts Director of Public Information. The Secretary manages historical archives and preservation, public records and transaction records. Massachusetts is one of the few states whose rules do not require thatOur lawyers first submitted proposals to the US Secretary of State. In this state, to sponsor a vote, you must first gather ten registered voters. Then, after the full text of the ballot is not completed, they must report this to the election commission or the civil registry office with a statement. This must be done by the first Wednesday of August. Once the lawyers prove that they are voters, the Attorney General will publish a summary of the results of the vote and send it back to the lawyers. It is definitely the case that the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth presents them both with a language bulletin and a summary of the bulletin. The secretary then fills out blank petition forms with a brief announcement of the collection of signatures. These methods will be available within 14 days after submission. In order to obtain individual petition forms from the printer, fanatics must have permission from their Commonwealth Secretary. Of course, enough petition forms are provided to raise more than what is undoubtedly needed, but petitioners canPrint as many additional copies as you wish. The salary for this position is $130,262 per year.


In order to provide our guests at the Secretary of State’s office with the best possible care and faster processing, we are offering our corporate services clients our in-person service, which will definitely be limited Monday through Thursday. We will be happy to assist you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Important Information During The Redeployment Of Malden Wards

Click on the majority of the image, to open an approved map In December 2021, the city of Malden presented the state with a proposed accurate city map with updated county and borough forms to reflect population growth, although the 2020 census was calculated. The map has been approved, and on December 31, 2021, the new flagellation of the county went into effect.