secretary Of The Commonwealth

The Secretary points to the Commonwealth Kay Coles James.

secretary of the commonwealth

The Current President

The last sitting president is Democrat F. William. Galvin. He was first elected to the state in 1994 and is currently serving your husband for the seventh consecutive time, being re-elected in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

secretary of the commonwealth

Contact Information

We track the following documents with any Secretary of State of Massachusetts in the structure to ensure compliance features for our clients. We share this insight General public out of courtesy. As As a registered client agent, you have access to the status The design is pre-filled with our company information to help you save time when searching. InformationA.

How do I contact the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Find contacts for information about the Massachusetts government and key government agencies and locations.

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The Secretary Of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (equivalent to the Secretary of State) is Massachusetts’ chief public affairs officer. The secretary oversees the preservation of historical documents, the public and archives, the register of cases. Massachusetts is one of the few states whose policy does not require fanatics to first submit initiatives to the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth. In this state, you must first collect 10 registered voters for the next election of the godfather. Then, with full terminology and wording ?ballot, they must appear at the election commission or the registry office to initiate proceedings. This must be done by the first Wednesday of August. As soon as the attorneys know they are registered voters, our Attorney General prepares a ballot summary and mails it back to the attorneys. This is when the Secretary of the Commonwealth presents both the text of the ballot and the summary of the ballot. The secretary then prepares empty petition folders with a summary printed on them for signature. These forms are usually available within 14 days of submission. In order to remove these application forms from the printing house, the defenders must have permission from the Minister of Lands. Sufficient petition forms have been provided to raise more than the required amount, although petitioners may print as many additional books as they wish. The salary for this position is $130,262 per year.

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Why is Massachusetts called a commonwealth?

From 1776 to 1780, the words “State of Massachusetts Bay” appeared on the stage at the head of all acts, as well as resolutions. In 1780, the Massachusetts Constitution went into effect. Part 2 of the Constitution, under the heading “Structure of Government,” states: “That the people… form a free, sovereign, and independent political entity, or state, to be called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” Virginia (June 27, 1776) and Pennsylvania (September 25, 1776) used constitutions that their countries referred to as the Commonwealth. Kentucky is also referred to as a land in its full official constitution (and in the Third Kentucky Constitution of 1850). Commonwealths are states, but the reverse is generally not true. The term “Commonwealth”, when used in relation to a state, does not describe or imply any particular political status or rights?Your relationship. Those who use it are equal to those who do it instead of him. Legally, Massachusetts is a Commonwealth, as the exact term is specified in the constitution.

How do I get a certificate of good standing in Massachusetts?

The DOR Certificate of Reputation is the answer when individuals, businesses, and other organizations have proof that they have filed and paid their Massachusetts state taxes: