missouri Secretary Of State

The office is responsible for the collection, compilation, storage and publication of various government documents. The affiliated secretary of state, in his capacity as custodian of the Great Seal of Missouri, certifies the authorized actions of the governor. In addition, an appointed secretary of state serves as the Missouri captains’ election officer.

missouri secretary of state

How do I change my business name with the Secretary of State in Missouri?

To use your company name, you can complete the Registration Change Request Form 126 by mailing it to the service or by sending us an email. email [email protected] or call 573-751-5860.

Conducting A Business Search In Missouri

Searching for businesses in Missouri is done on the Department of Corporations website of the Secretary of State. It is a useful tool in the marketplace for finding information, making changes, and ensuring that a name can be used for an LLC.

Company Registrations

We follow the following Missouri Clerk – Corporation Documents Division to ensure compliance can serve our clients. We sharewith this background information to the general public as a pleasant way. As As a registered selected representative client, you will have access to the status The templates are pre-filled with information about our employer to save you planning time. information.

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How Much Does A Missouri Secretary Of State Make In The US

A regular monthly salary for a Missouri secretary of state ranges from about $2,121 a month as a clerk to $4,668 a month. as a Senior Information Technology Specialist. The average salary for a secretary of state in Missouri ranges from about $27,000 a year for an assistant to $87,180 a year for a librarian.

missouri secretary of state

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