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The Pennsylvania Department of State is a government agency at the cabinet level of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The department is usually headed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Wikipedia

Pennsylvania State Department

: The Department protects public health, welfare, and safety by licensing over a million small businesses and healthcare professionals; promotes the integrity of the electoral process; supports economic development, offers business registration operations; and maintains the registration and financial information of thousands of charities sanctioning professional boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts. Closer to us…


The office of Secretary of the Commonwealth is a position appointed by the Governor and with the approval of the State Legislature.[1] Under section 68a of section 71 of the Pennsylvania Statutes, the clerk has no set mark length, but serves at the discretion of the governor.

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Department protects well-being, health?e and the well-being of the population, licensing more than a million businesses, medical professionals and home care professionals; Maintain up-to-date registration and financial information for thousands of charities collecting donations from Pennsylvanians; election observation in Pennsylvania; archiving; and to sanction professional boxing, kickboxing and fighting in the Commonwealth. Unlike many other levels (where the position of secretary of state is an elected position), in Pennsylvania this process position is appointed by the governor, who has the advice and approval of the Pennsylvania Senate.

Secretary of State Pennsylvania

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Secretary Of The Senate

Good? Welcome to the website of the Secretariat of the Senate! This website is always intended to explain the functions of their office and departments, further intended to serve all members of the State of Pennsylvania, the Senate, and employees. The website provides you with important information about the ongoing process and links to several other important Pennsylvania Senate websites.

Secretary of State Pennsylvania