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Does the state of NJ review the information on the site?

The user is warned that neither the State of New Jersey site nor ?The operators do not review the systems, information, and/or content of anything that may be associated with the State of New Jersey site for any reason. – Read the full disclaimer Get the latest news and reports from the State of New Jersey. By checking this box, you agree to the privacy policy.

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Welcome to Revenue & Corporate Servicesâ?? Business Documentation Service. With this service, you can only search for information about the types of businesses operating in New Jersey, including business entities such as corporations and LLCs, as well as trade names and trademarks/service marks used by New Jersey businesses.

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The county clerk swears in notaries, eminent officials, and elected officials. In addition, the following oaths must be notarized by the county clerk or his staff: clerk’s certificate of sale of name or dissolution with affidavit of sale of name; candidate’s statement [onFiling position] under oath / affidavit; Statement of consent with the passport. Sussex County Clerk notary fees are nominally higher than advertised. This office does not provide general notarial services to the majority of the population; Individuals who require notarization of property documents must hire third-party notaries or attorneys.

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How Do I Renew A New Jersey Notary Commission?

The New Jersey renewal process usually follows the same procedures as the original document process. The state will send you the best renewal package three months before your trusted commission expires. Please note that from July 2022, notaries will be required to complete a state-approved three-hour training course.

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How do I change my business registration in New Jersey?

Online service for registration of changes and additions. You are actually using this service to change these tax/employment records or to change the original business records. Update Your Account Businesses must be licensed to sell cigarettes throughout New Jersey.

Can I use Google Translate on the state of NJ website?

The State of New Jersey website may store optional links, information, services and/or content on other websites operated by third parties and provided as a convenience, such as Google™ Translate. Google™ Translate is an online service that the user pays for not receiving a so-called linguistic translation.

What is a NJ business annual report?

Any business using New Jersey must file an annual return. This simply includes checking that your registered vector and address are up to date, and paying a $75 registration fee. The application must be submitted on the last day of the full month of the month, provided that you have completed the registration of your company (LLC, corporation, etc.).