secretary Of State Arkansas Phone Number

Contact your current office in room 256 of the State Capitol or call 501-682-1010. To schedule an appointment with Secretary Thurston, send an email to [email protected] with event tips.

Address Of The Secretary Of State Of Arkansas (AR SOS): Capitol, Suite 256, 500 Woodlane Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. Telephone Of The Secretary Of State Of Arkansas: 501-682. – 3409. The Secretary Of State Of Arkansas Offers Services, Various Forms, Business Forms, Forms And Business Search SOS In Arkansas (details, Phone Numbers, Location And Website Address, See Below.

Secretary of State of Arkansas on the phone, Wherever you are, you can speak with an AR SOS agent for other matters, including Arkansas corporations and businesses at 501-682-3409, the Executive Department, the Department of Education and Technology, the Legal Department, and the State Capitol Police.

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This is the secretary of state’s primary cell phone number.Arkans??c, Real Time Transportation Waiting Times and Good Pass Pass Tools Use these phone lines to directly access one Arkansas Secretary of State agent. This cell phone number is the secretary of the state of Arkansas because 1,158 customers and your entire family have used this contact information in the last 18 months and provided us with feedback. Common issues handled by customer service machines answering calls to 501-682-1010 include other customer service issues. Instead of calling the Secretary of State of Arkansas to get started, you must first describe your problem. which, unfortunately, we could recommend a better, more powerful way to contact them by phone. In general, the telephone number for the Arkansas secretary of state is 1. It is not always clear how best to convince representatives of the Arkansas secretary of state. Therefore, we began to collect this information based on feedback from the customer community. Please always share your experience so that wemay continue to improve this resource at no charge.

To Order A Certified Copy Of The Articles Of Association Or A Certified Copy Of The Articles Of Incorporation Of An Arkansas Entity

order by fax, e-mail, regular mail, telephone or by special order, but we recommend fax. Normal processing can take up to 24 hours plus additional shipping points and costs $50 per page and $5 for notarization.

Contact the office in room 256 of the State Capitol or call 501-682-1010. For Secretary Thurston’s scheduling inquiries, please email event details to [email protected]. John sees the future in that the Secretary of State, along with the government of Arkansas, can lead the nation in the most important area of ??ethics and responsibility.

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secretary of state arkansas phone number

Arkansas Certificate Of Goodness Permanent Status Review

Arkansas Certificate good condition refers to the document issued by that particular secRetarder of the State of Arkansas and affixed with the seal of the Secretary of State, State, or other authority issuing the certificate. This confirms the legal capacity of your amazing business to operate in the new state. Specifically, it certifies that the following persons:

Arkansas Secretary Of State

The Arkansas Secretary of State has authority over state electoral laws and ensures their consistent implementation throughout the state. The Secretary of State also qualifies state and local candidates and ballot initiatives and provides them with voter education products and services. In addition to their election-related duties, the keeper of your public register also maintains the grounds of the State Capitol. The secretary of state is the chief verification officer in Arkansas; He or she maintains government records of political elections, oversees voter registration systems and voting technology, and compiles campaign financial reports prepared by candidate donors and advocacy groups. The Secretariat also? Conducts voter education activities and, in addition to programs, encourages voter turnout through programs such as Young Voters Month. These programs also promote awareness of Arkansas’ reputation, capital, and “citizenship”. The secretariat handles business registration, licensing and business matters under the Uniform Code (UCC). It also obstructs the State Capitol and the construction site, not to mention the Capitol Police Department.

secretary of state arkansas phone number

About The Secretary Of State Of Little Rock, Arkansas

The Secretary of State of Little Rock, Arkansas, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, serves as the executive branch of the government of the state of Arkansas. The Secretary of State currently performs several functions for the state, including election supervision, maintaining public arrest, and registering to vote. In addition, the Chief Secretary of State oversees filings as companies introduce business licenses, professional licenses, and government licenses.Private numbers of the VAT payer.

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